Working out the amount of pebble you will need.

General rule of thumb to work out the amount of pebble you will need is to allow 70-80Kg per square meter. The depth of coverage would be at the minimum end of the scale at this meterage.

If you have pavers to consider add up the total area and subtract the amount of paving you have bought/laid.

We will always recommend that you use a cheaper base or filler product to save on costs when needing to fill an area. For example crushed quartz is an ideal base for white and road base can be used behind black. No point spending unnecessary amounts on product no one will see.

Please contact David on 0429 206 202

Pricing up your job

Pricing can change depending on exchange rates so we always recommend calling or emailing to confirm latest pricing.

We offer significant discounts for quantity and will also arrange transport to site for you when the ute just isnt big enough!

We can supply by the bag, pallet or container as required. Larger jobs may have a 4-6 week lead time depending on stock levels at the time.

We carry most of our pebble range in stock.


G10           5  -  7
G15           7  -  9
G20           9  -  12
1               12  -  15
3               15  -  18
5               18  -  24
S               24  -  30
M              30  -  40
L               40  -  50
LL             50  -  70
LLL             70  -  90
XL             90  -  120