Garden Pebbles Sydney

Garden Pebbles Sydney
Garden Pebbles Sydney

Garden Pebbles Sydney. Garden bed. Patio. Walkway. Aquarium. Bonsai. Mosaic. Whatever your design project, we have a stunning and versatile collection of stones to bring your vision to life.

Garden Pebbles Sydney suppliers

Pebbles Rock and Stone (PRS) is an exclusive wholesale stone supplier located in Terry Hills in the Northern Beaches, Sydney. We specialise in natural stone products sourced exclusively from New Zealand and Indonesia. Our company supplies architects, landscapers, retail outlets and homeowners all over Australia with a unique range of finish, colour and design options.

At our Sydney store, you will find everything you need for the perfect interior or exterior design scheme: For a superb water feature or ornamental garden, you can select the soothing grey-green of alpine schist or the clean, flawless sheen of white quartz. Or opt for the classic matte black of volcanic Sumatran stone or Black Alor pebble, both great choices for high-traffic areas. Our vibrant red, pink, green, speckled and transparent stones add artistry and character to any space.

Our garden pebbles help you achieve both function and style. Natural stone creates an atmosphere of peace, tranquillity and reflection while being low-maintenance. That’s why pebble landscaping is the method of choice for the modern homeowner. Best of all, our natural stones only get more beautiful with age.

PRS’s decorative stones are completely natural and kind to the environment—we never take directly from rivers. Our company has all the proper government approvals for import and export.

Why choose us?

  • Premium natural stone wholesaler for nationwide distribution
  • Exclusive selections from Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia
  • Wide range of colours, sizes, textures, finishes and materials
  • Versatile garden pebbles for decorative to heavy-duty functions
  • Ethical sourcing without disturbing the environment
  • A dedicated team of industry experts catering to your needs


Specialist Collections

Our signature product is the New Zealand glacial stone, our most popular and elegant offering. Varieties of NZ Schist such as the flat grey granite are perfect for covering large areas. When wet, the stone is at its most beautiful, making it the perfect complement to water features. You can choose from small, medium, large and extra-large sizes for paving and flagging, cladding, tiling, mosaics and just about any interior or exterior project. This collection is our favourite for creating feelings of balance, harmony and peace for you and your entire family.

If you are looking for design versatility, browse our Indonesian garden stone and pebble collection. It offers seven eye-catching colours, including white, black, red, pink and green garden pebbles in natural, unpolished finishes. You can create your own Balinese garden getaway with our green stones or soft pastel pink pebbles. Our Indonesian transparent stone is a true wonder, changing colours when wet to vibrant shades of pink, orange and purple. This collection boasts both amazing beauty and extreme functionality—they’re great for high use areas.

Ask about our range

From garden pebbles as small as a few millimetres to orders of several hundred kilograms, we can cater to your needs. Talk to our friendly Sydney garden stone experts today!