NZ Schist

Flat Grey Granite

One of our most exclusive and popular stones. This pebble ranges in greys from a mottled flat stone to a blue green solid coloured stone. Looks fabulous when wet and is versatile enough to cover large areas.

Available in Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge

Speckled Pebble

Speckled pebble is essentially white with dark grey flecks throughout. A very round pebble.

Available in Small and Medium only

Alpine Schist

Alpine schist is a uniquely coloured glacial stone. This stone is very light in colour and is mixed with grays and hues of greens. The green colour comes from Jadite. A stunning choice for water features as the colour come out when wet. Alpine is also available in boulders that make excellent features in gardens.

Available in small, medium, large and boulders.

White Quartz

White quartz is not unique but this NZ quartz is as white and flawless as has ever been seen. It is helicoptered out of quarry in a remote valley so is as unique as it gets. These pictures dont do justice. Sizing is not as consistent when it arrives but we can sort if required. Some lovely larger pieces are also available.

Size varies.