NZ Schist Paving

NZ Natural Schist Paving

As the name suggests these pavers are natural which means they are weathered on all surfaces. A little less suited to a trafficable area these pavers are an integral part of a water based design or anywhere that calls for natures beauty.

Sizes from 300mm

NZ Split Schist Paving

These pavers are machine split along the natural layers to give us a very strong and durable finish. This process accentuates the beautiful shimmer of the mica. Has been laid like slate on floors with light grey mortar.

Sizes from 300mm up to 800mm across and 40-70mm thick.

NZ Schist Water Worn Paving

Half split, these pavers are flat on the bottom and weathered on the top surface. This is to facilitate easy laying. Perfect as stepping stones with a solid base or flipped over can provide a flatter surface and more consistent look.

They range in size but are typically 300-500mm.